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Lions are a family like no other. And with our hearts united in service, we will lift up our communities all over the world. Because in times of great need, only a greater passion for service can make the world a better place for all people.

Welcome to our beautiful sponsored puppy “Victor”. His story begins with his birthday on the 13th June 2023 at ALHD Breeding Centre to mother “Poppy”.

His training began within 8 weeks of being in the centre. Victor was exposed to wearing a collar, being brushed, having his nails trimmed, ears cleaned and being handled from a very young age. To succeed in our world he has been exposed to sounds at very low levels and increased over time. He has slowly been introduced to the outside world in the puppy play area at ALHD to freely investigate, manipulate and interact with small and safe obstacles.Crate training has been introduced to ensure Victor is conditioned to going in and out of the crate by choice and not being scared of the door being closed.

On Tuesday 8th August was an exciting day when Victor went into his foster home. The foster carer came to ALHD training centre to collect Victor which took just over an hour as Mary from the Puppy Team and Laura from the Medical Alert team needed to go over the care and training of Victor with Pam Victor’s foster carer. It was lovely seeing the excitement when Pam met Victor for the first time.

Thank you to everyone involved with ALHD for all the work you do with these beautiful puppies. Watch this space for updates of pictures and information on Victor. We will all be lining up for puppy cuddles…💕🐾💕

Thank you ALHD and Foster Pam for all the work you do with Victor…what a little star.

Victor has made great progress in  his December update. He has had three sessions dedicated to become accustomed to having a head collar to enhance his walks with foster carer Pam. A head collar is unlike a muzzle, but instead has a thin strap fitted around Victor’s mouth. This way his focus can be directed back onto Pam more and Victor can still take treats when he’s a good boy.

Victor has been learning new manners and is now trained to come and sit at the door for his collar before walks, eliminating the need for a chase. His sit stay is also progressing well, enabling door opening while he’s on lead. His loose lead walking has notably improved since using the head collar.

Victor is still experiencing car sickness, but there’s progress. Short drives have been introduced and Victor has been taught to jump in and out of the car, diverting his attention from getting anxious about car rides, a strategy that’s showing some  positive effect.

It’s great reading about what Victor is up to.  We are certainly very lucky to have sponsored such a beautiful pup. Victor Harbor & Port Elliot Lions Club is very proud of Victor and of all the trainers and Foster Carer Pam involved in Victor’s development……thank you💕

It is hard to believe that our beautiful sponsored pup Victor will be a year old next month. He has come a long way with his training. Thank you to ALHD trainers and Foster Carer Pam💕

Our Club Meetings

WORK MEETING – First Tuesday every month 6.30 for 7.00 pm at the Gospel Centre, George Main Road, Victor Harbor, South Australia (opposite the Victor Harbor High School, parking available at the Civic Centre) and  in the front of the Gospel Centre.

DINNER MEETINGS – Third Tuesday of every month are held at the Crown Hotel (2 Ocean Street, Victor Harbor, South Australia).  If you are a visiting Lion and wish to come to a dinner meeting, please contact our Secretary or President.

Victor Harbor & Port Elliot Lions are involved in many projects throughout the year and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate especially when Father Christmas is about. A quick snap from our Christmas dinner at the Crown Hotel Victor Harbor. A big thank you to the Crown for the wonderful service and meals you have supplied in 2023.


Club BBQ January 2024

Victor Harbor & Port Elliot Lions held their annual Club BBQ dinner on the 23rd January 2024 at Kent Reserve.

Our Club BBQ trailer does a great job with three grills to cook on and a great serving area. The BBQ trailer is used at all our events and was purposely built by  Lion Merv Mortimer for club use. Thank you Merv we are taking good care of it.

The day was very hot but by 5pm the temperature had dropped and the evening was beautiful and barmy.

We all enjoyed a wonderful selection of salads and sweets prepared by members and a wonderful selection of meats from Indulgent meats at Port Elliot…always beautiful thank you guys. The club uses Indulgent meats for all our events, their products never disappoint.

Check out the About Us page to find out more about this dynamic, effective club where there is fellowship, good times, meeting people, service to the community, learning new skills, leadership and personal development

Victor Harbor & Port Elliot Lions

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